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Kitesurf School Sardinia

Welcome in the paradise of kitesurfing in Sardinia.

Our kitesurf school in on south west corner of Sardinia, one of the most windy zone of Mediterranean sea.
Indeed the two straits between Sant'Antioco and San Pietro islands and the rest of Sardinia, and the one between Tunisia and Sardinia boost N-NW and S-SE winds.
We have so good wind statistics that the national electric company built a huge wind farms with 40 wind mills.
The kite centre is on the beautiful Porto Pino beach, a stunning white sandy beach with a turquoise sea and high white dunes. The school is in partnership with the Lido Oasi Azzurra, and here we have a official kite zone authorized by Sardinia Government and Coastguard.
The lido offer you everything you need to spend a lovely day with your family and friends: the bar, a beach restaurant where you can have delicious meal with very fresh fish, and relax on the sun loungers.
The lido Oasi Azzurra and our kite station in Porto Pino is open from 15 June till 30 September.
The access to kite zone is reserved only to our guests and to the lido customers. In the other time of the windy season (good time for kite in Sardinia is April-September) we work as itinerant kite school in the spot of: Is Solinas,Porto Pino, Porto Botte, Portoscuso.

The Kitesurf Sardinia School opened in 2005. We open a new kiteschool in Mui Ne - Vietnam in 2013. Since our beginning we taught almost two thousand students.
The keys to our success: a great professionalism, teaching always following the international safety standard, and a great passion for what we do.

We choose only the best IKO instructors with a long and international experience, because we want to be the Elite of kitesurf school and offer to you only the best!
The IKO - International Kiteboarding Organization is a worldwide network with more than 7000 instructors.
The IKO evaluate its instructors with a quality control check; indeed every students give a feedback to his instructor. The lesson plan and teaching methodology is update every year, that's why the IKO kitesurf schools are the best place in the world to learn or improve kitesurf.
We offer kitesurf courses or lesson for all levels from beginners to advanced, kite camp, kite safari for expert riders, and equipment rental.
Our kitesurfing courses are designed for maximum enjoyment and fast & safe learning.
Student's safety, great lesson quality and advanced teaching methods, including the use of radio communication for immediate feedback for fast learning - and video feedback, are the milestones of our approach that will get you in kitesurfing in the easier and efficient way.

Private and semiprivate kite lesson & radio helmet: we offer private lesson or semiprivate lesson (2 students 1 instructor 1 kite). Other kitesurf school provide cheap price arranging group lesson with 3-6 students for 1 instructor, that's completely useless. Only with one instructor only for you, will be easy to learn kitesurf. The semiprivate lesson is a good compromise for a group lesson that is still very useful, sometime semiprivate lesson are good for a family or a group of friends that want to learn kitesurf together.
We use the radio helmet for all water lessons, so only in that way one hour of lesson is really one hour of real coaching!
In all advanced lessons: jumps, unhooked, surf the instructor will follow you kiting and using the radio.

Kite Video Clinic System: we film your kite lesson. Checking the video with your instructor will be super easy to learn. The video feedback is an essential for a fast and easy learning. We use the video clinic for all lesson from water start to any advanced part.

If you want to start the career as IKO kitesurf instructor, if you want to make your passion your job, our kitesurf school offer the IKO Assistant instructor training course , can also do your Shadowing IKO if you have to complete your instructor training.

Why do you have to choose Kitesurf Sardinia School?

  1. Kitesurf is our passion, our job, it's the reason of our life; it isn't a summer work or something like..oh it's cool, let's try a kite school, we are professional and international instructors team
  2. we choose only best IKO certified instructors with long and international experience.
  3. Alessandro (IKO instructor L2 Senior - id 7744), founder of KitesurfSardinia and KitesurfVietnam schools, has 9 years of experience on teaching and leading a kite school. He works in: Sardinia, Egypt and Vietnam.
    The IKO L2 Senior is the highest certification as instructor in the IKO, you can apply to get that certification after 1000 hours of lesson and more than 150 students. Since 2010 Alessandro taught 1350 hours of lesson and he trained personally more than 250 students. In Italy is the number 8 as most experienced IKO instructor; and since two years he's involved on training assistant instructors and shadowing.
  4. 100% quality, we don't have any bad feedback.
  5. we use radio helmet and video clinic, our high quality lesson that save your wallet!
  6. working for 9 years in different kite spot Sardinia, Italy, Mars Al Am in Egypt, Mui Ne in Vietnam, we reached a teaching methodology that allow you to learn quickly and safely.

Are you looking for the best kitesurf school in Sardinia, to learn or improve kiteboarding?
Are you looking for a team of friendly, certified and very experienced kitesurf instructors?
Are you looking for kitesurf school that will teach you in the easier and safest way?

Kitesurf Sardinia is your kite school!

Kitesurf Sardinia School di Alessandro Ferro
Via Torino 5 - Sant'Antioco
P.IVA 03548620925

Where we are.
Our office is in Sant'Antioco at 90 km to Cagliari, on the south west coast. The kite school is in Porto Pino beach in the dune area.

The closest airpot is Cagliari-Elmas at 80 km, the other airports Aghero and Olbia are at about 330km

Direct flight connections to Cagliari-Elmas Airport



Czec Republic









United Kingdom

If you don't have from your airport a direct flight to Cagliari, look how to fly to Milan or Rome airport. From these ariport there are frequent connections to Cagliari.
About us:
Alessandro Ferro

The "Boss", my mother use to say that I'm "A dreamer with an endless imagination".
Degree in computer science: I was a software engineer for 8 years, I worked for Siemens and Atos Origin. I was responsible on design and developement of compex web applications like: TimBusiness Portal, Snam Rete Gas, Web Portal di Enel.it etc. But one day I threw my tie, my suit and keyboard and i start to work as kitesurf instructor. On 2005 i got the authorization from Sardnia central goverment to set up the kitezone of Porto Botte, the first official kitezone in south Sardinia.
On 2006 i start my adventure as kitesurf instructor with the italian certification FKI. On April 2010 I joined to IKO and I did the IKO L1 Water instructor course in the school newKitezone leaded by Agostino Martino, another legend as IKO instructor. On September 2010 I went to Egypt to follow one instructor stage of 2 months in the Pro-KiteAcademy kite school, owned by the IKO Examiner Massimiliano "Max" Piona. The experience that I did working with Max is great. October 2012-April 2013 I was Head Instructor in a kitesurf school Mui Ne-Vietnam, and I came back home with a contract to open my kite school in the pocket!
On July 2013 I reached the highest certification as kitesurf instructor in the IKO:
Level 2 Senior Water.
In November 2013 I open my first kitesurf school abroad: Kitesurf Vietnam in Mui Ne in the beautiful CocoBeach Resort. The school in Vietnam is a total water sport; we teach kitesurf, surf and sail.
In Italy I'm the number 8 as experienced instructor IKO.
Since I join the IKO I trained more than 250 students and taught more than 1350 hours of lesson.
I love to kite and teach kitesurf. I enjoy to see your progress, I enjoy to see your smile after a lesson in our school!!!